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Venetian Plastering

An old world art form, is experiencing a rebirth in the United States, if you are searching for a unique alternative to standard paints and wall papers, Venetian plaster is a unique alternative. Donít be fooled by faux painting or synthetic products, true old world Venetian plaster is imported and made from crushed marble and lime powder, the finish resembles the feel of marble. Venetian plaster can be selected in any custom color, and no painting is required.

Application of Venetian plaster is a unique, high-focus art form, and should be entrusted to a professional. Kieran Daly owner and president of KD Plastering has mastered this technique and offers his skilled services for interior home, business and retail settings.

This gorgeous appearance of this look will create a lasting appeal and will endure in your home or business setting for many years to come.

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